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7.5 months pregnant

It feels like a strange thing to say, but I love my figure right now! This is what being 7.5 months pregnant looks like and feels like? Then sign me up to do it again. (In a few more years, of course.)

Aside from being extra tired and a few other usual symptoms, this is a great time. I feel like myself, just with a growth on the front of me. Sometimes I even forget I’m pregnant and then will suddenly be surprised upon passing a mirror, or trying to go through a door I haven’t opened all the way… Baby regularly reminds me of its presence by kicking and squirming and twisting its head back and forth, and sometimes that will also catch me by surprise and remind me that I’m pregnant. It’s a weird experience, all of it.

The other day I was in the bathroom peeing, and as I finished up, the baby squirmed itself right down into the place where my full bladder had just been. “No, Baby!” I told it. “I didn’t open up that space for you; it’s my space!” Unsurprisingly, Baby didn’t have a clue about what I was saying, so after washing up, I went into an abandoned conference room and propped myself upside-down for a while to jostle the little one out of that space.

Gerry takes a picture of me each week to chronicle my growth … when I look back at the beginning, it’s hard to believe that was me. Being the size of a small whale is my new “normal,” and I’m so used to it by now. Haha!


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I was reading through old journal entries today and found this amusing gem… While waiting at the ear doctor’s office in May of 2006, I had apparently overheard a cute conversation between a 4-year-old female patient, her mom, and her aunt. The mom was filling out a medical history form and allowing the little girl to help out:

Mom: Do you have a headache? It’s important to tell the truth, because the doctor needs to know.
Girl: Yes. No. Yes. Yes, I do. No.
Mom: Okay, are you pregnant?
Girl: Nooooooo.
Aunt: Hahaha, I bet she doesn’t even know what that means.
Mom: Tell your aunt what you have to do to become pregnant.
Girl: [Raises her hand and counts off with her fingers] Go to school! Get a job! Get married! Have lots of babies!
Mom: See, I told you she knows.

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