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Man in the kitchen/man on the porch

One of Gerry’s contributions to the family that I appreciate most is his role as social coordinator. Sure, I like people, but I’m not the type to actually plan a get-together, and I often forget to check in with my friends and ask those simple little questions like, “How are you doing?” Gerry never has these problems.

Every few weeks, he’s been gathering half a dozen people at the house for dinner, and it’s a great thing to come home to! It’s always a great guest list … he’s got a knack for picking people who may not know each other yet, but are going to get along just fine.

Last night, we had over three of his coworkers (two are new to the team), two former youth group students, and our roommate. Gerry had cooked up some fantastic spinach/cheese ravioli, and he made sure that there was a serving left over for me. Odd fact: This was my first time to ever have ravioli for a meal. And it was deeeeeeeelicious! Why didn’t I know this stuff existed before?!

Later, after Gerry had gone to work for a late shift and I’d been in bed for a short while, the doorbell rang twice. After finally recognizing the sound, I rolled myself out of bed, threw on a bathrobe, and went to look out the peephole. Whoever had rung the bell was gone, but had left our screen door swinging open. And then, I heard some sounds on the porch, and then there was a guy opening up the screen door and putting his hands on the glass door! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

…good thing that I recognized our roommate’s fiance quickly. That boy nearly got himself shot!

Since it was him, I went and let him in from the porch. He had just come to check on her since she was feeling ill and had gone to bed early. I didn’t say much to him last night, but apparently our roommate gave him an earful this morning about not sneaking around on people’s porches at night. (Good for her!)


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Vegas, baby!

Our Christmas plans this year excite me! At first it started as a compromise … if we were going out to Arizona see my parents, then my husband declared that we also had to go to Las Vegas. I’ve never been there before, and really haven’t cared to go.

Vegas, schmegas… But then I booked our reservations and started googling to see what we could do in town for free, and have been finding so much! There are monorails and double-decker busses and art galleries and water shows and indoor thunderstorms and skyscrapers and aquariums and lions and pirates and Christmas decorations enough to keep us busy for days. Our one big-ticket item is Cirque du Soleil’s KA show at the MGM Grand. Martial arts, fire, acrobatics, a moving stage … what more do you need for a phenomenal show that will appeal to both Gerry and me?

We’re staying at the Monte Carlo resort, which seems to be just perfectly located. The only issue is getting there from the airport, and for whatever reason, the shuttle reservation website won’t take my credit card and doesn’t offer a customer service phone number. It might just have to be a taxi ride. Do you know that I’ve only been in a U.S. taxi once in the past 25 years? All my other experiences have been international.

The other amazing part of the trip is that my brother and sister-in-law will be joining us at my parents’ house for the Christmas holiday. The whole family together! Looking forward to being on my parents’ turf, and just relaxing for several days.

Titus and I are chatting right now about bringing our guns to Arizona and going shooting one afternoon. I would love that! It’s been a few years since I’ve been outdoors on the range, and would enjoy nothing more than to get behind my Glock and de-stress by pulling the trigger again and again. I’m checking laws right now, and we’ll see if it’s a “go.”

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chicago shootings

It’s yet another slow day at work.

Running through my Google Reader this morning, I found an intriguing blurb from World Magazine.

The CBS affiliate in Chicago has put Google Maps to powerful use by plotting all the shootings that occurred in Chicago between Memorial Day and Labor Day, 2008.

Using red and blue push pin icons to differentiate between fatal and non-fatal shootings, the map shows precisely where each murder occurred with block-level specificity when zoomed in close. Each incident is hyperlinked to the map, with details — the victim’s name, age, date and time, and supposed cause — available with a click.

The bad news: 123 people died from gunshot wounds in Chicago over the summer, nearly twice the U.S. combat death toll in Iraq over the same period.

What do you think about that?

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Titus’s bike!

My brother has gotten all sorts of cool “stuff” with his combat pay from being in Iraq. First, it was a 17 foot canoe with all the accessories, then it was a .40 Glock pistol, then it was a trip to the amazing Canadian wilderness, and most recently it’s a Honda crotch-rocket motorcycle with classes and gear! He is riding that bike all over Florida this week, getting ready to hopefully ride up to North Carolina on Sunday. I am praying for him to be ready for the trip, and if not, to have the guts to admit it and drive the truck instead.

A few nights ago, I rode on the back of the bike while he looped around the apartment complex. It really surprised me that I didn’t enjoy it! I was totally expecting it to be a thrilling and fun experience, but instead I felt off-balance and awkward the whole time. I will practice, but maybe I’m just not cut out to be a passenger.

Titus likes how other bikers wave at him when they pass. I do too. It’s like a brotherhood.

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