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baby bumThat slow-motion, frame-by-frame tumble when a baby falls off the couch toward the floor… We experienced that today and my heart nearly stopped.

My little guy had just massively spit up, and since his sitting skills have been developing nicely, I propped him up in the corner of the couch where we were both sitting in order to get us cleaned up. Then I looked away for a moment, just a moment! I whipped my head back around upon hearing his squeal, however, and saw nothing but an upside down baby butt as he tumbled toward the ground. I grabbed at whatever part of him I could get to first, and managed to rescue the child with his head less than an inch from the ground.

Oh wow, that was too close of a call!

He cried for a while, a small, squealing whimper that I’ve never heard before. I think it’s his “scared” cry. So I held him close and walked around the house until we’d both calmed down.

Now I know why they say to always stay within arm’s length…


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Swimming baby

Hey, here’s mah boy!

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