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Man in the kitchen/man on the porch

One of Gerry’s contributions to the family that I appreciate most is his role as social coordinator. Sure, I like people, but I’m not the type to actually plan a get-together, and I often forget to check in with my friends and ask those simple little questions like, “How are you doing?” Gerry never has these problems.

Every few weeks, he’s been gathering half a dozen people at the house for dinner, and it’s a great thing to come home to! It’s always a great guest list … he’s got a knack for picking people who may not know each other yet, but are going to get along just fine.

Last night, we had over three of his coworkers (two are new to the team), two former youth group students, and our roommate. Gerry had cooked up some fantastic spinach/cheese ravioli, and he made sure that there was a serving left over for me. Odd fact: This was my first time to ever have ravioli for a meal. And it was deeeeeeeelicious! Why didn’t I know this stuff existed before?!

Later, after Gerry had gone to work for a late shift and I’d been in bed for a short while, the doorbell rang twice. After finally recognizing the sound, I rolled myself out of bed, threw on a bathrobe, and went to look out the peephole. Whoever had rung the bell was gone, but had left our screen door swinging open. And then, I heard some sounds on the porch, and then there was a guy opening up the screen door and putting his hands on the glass door! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

…good thing that I recognized our roommate’s fiance quickly. That boy nearly got himself shot!

Since it was him, I went and let him in from the porch. He had just come to check on her since she was feeling ill and had gone to bed early. I didn’t say much to him last night, but apparently our roommate gave him an earful this morning about not sneaking around on people’s porches at night. (Good for her!)


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At the scene of a crash

I have had a headache and feel so drained this morning — but woke up fast when, just after getting off the bus and crossing the street to get to the office, there was a loud and horrible *SQUEAL* *CRASH* maybe 30 feet behind me. Everything went slow-motion for a few seconds, and then I was jogging back to the crash while simultaneously calling 911. There was already a military guy there who had jumped out of his SUV and had checked on the occupants of each of the cars, and when I saw he was taking more time with one driver, I went to the other one to talk with her and hold her hand and help calm her down. She was spooked because she was young and her car was obviously totaled, but no injuries. Just strawberry smoothie all over the place — it only looked like a bloodbath. I got to pray with her, but we got a few sentences out before things got busy again. (Oh well, I know God heard!)

Although I was the closest to the crash in proximity, I didn’t actually see it happen. Thankfully, there were a number of witnesses who were able to talk to the police and explain the situation. So I stayed with the drivers and helped with keeping them calm while the firefighters checked them out.

I gave the girl with the totaled car my contact information and told her that I’d help with giving her rides for a while if she wanted help with that. Who knows what will happen with that. And then after the police released me, I walked the remaining block to the office and got some cold water bottles for both drivers.

It is a miracle of modern technology how crashes like this happen and people walk away from them with only scratches! Even the older car, a ’97 Honda Accord, crumpled as it was intended and completely spared the driver inside. (Aside from the strawberry smoothie explosion.) Gerry’s mom comments from time to time about how the workmanship on modern cars is shoddy because they crumple so easily, but misses the point that, in the process, the people inside are being protected.

Thank God for science. Thank God for engineers. Thank God for technology!

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